TrashDollys movement style and creative practice can be explored through a range of workshops and professional development opportunities. We invite proposals from schools, festivals, agencies and institutions who are seeking bespoke workshops for specific groups. Workshops can be tailored for non-experienced dancers, dance students and professionals.

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LONDON | 26th - 29th March 2018 | TripSpace

Workshop with Sam Amos & Lewis Wilkins

339 Acton Mews, 
E8 4EA London, 
United Kingdom

The week will serve as a sharing of the ongoing practices Sam and Lewis have been cultivating together. This will be offered and explored through the means of improvisation, movement skills, games, and set material from TrashDollys repertoire 5 Days of Falling and Cape Alley.

We will work on movement efficiency and organisation of structure in order to find greater freedom of movement and increase dynamic potential when transitioning between the ground and standing. There will be a strong focus on strength and skill based inversion training; this will free up possibilities for more directional choices and complex patterns when moving away from a vertical axis. These will contribute to the development of proprioceptive skills and safe exits during the more advanced contact work.

The contact element will include tasks and scores that draw attention to listening through touch and explore weight exchange using traditional principles and techniques from contact improvisation and martial arts. This tuning in will enrich our physical communication, resulting in a clearer understanding of the intention, direction and energy of a partner.

On the final day we will gently shift the focus more towards the idea of performance and group composition, playing with longer improvisational scores to give space to more personal research and how we might guide, follow and influence one another.

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