TrashDollys was founded in 2014 by Sam Amos, who's work spans live performance, film and education. The company strives to create memorable and accessible dance theatre that combines breath-taking physicality with imaginative story-telling.

Sam Amos is a dancer, choreographer and creative director based in Bristol, UK. Drawn to highly physical and expressive dance forms from a young age, Sam discovered a natural ability as a Bboy in 1999. Inspired by an ethos of ‘make it your own’, Sam has dedicated a life to developing his own movement language which lies at the heart of his work today.

At the age of 19, Sam began to expand on his creative practice through filmmaking. Self taught in this area, the process of making dance for screen served as a chance to recontextualize his movement, and use it as a tool to convey emotion and create visual narrative, mood and atmosphere. Directing movement from a filmic point of view contributed towards shaping Sam’s artistic vision and choreographic process. Sam’s work was born out of a desire to push the creative and expressive possibilities of his practice to connect with wider audiences.

In 2015, Sam was supported by Breakin’ Conventions Back to the Lab program at Sadlers Wells, through which he received mentorship from Jonzi D and Johnathan Burrows. Sam’s work has been commissioned by Bristol City Council, Breakin’ Convention, DanceCity, Vivacity, SwindonDance, Pavilion Dance South West, SALT | Dance Republic 2 and DanceVillage. Sam also runs workshops and movement sessions for dancers, circus artists, movement practitioners and community groups across the UK.

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